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This is my 1st forum to all of my games.
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 Are you addicted to DarkSpace ?

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PostSubject: Are you addicted to DarkSpace ?   Tue Apr 08, 2008 5:44 pm

Are you addicted to DarkSpace ?

You know your addicted when.......

1: At work your boss talks about a company merger to decrease competition and your reply is that “well Sir mergers rarely work but if we take their best 20 planets then we can capture the rest”.
2: When your girlfriend says she wants to move in with you, you inform her that you’ll go ahead and start dropping bombs on your neighbour and MIRV its's def.
3: You don’t watch the news anymore but wait for someone to forward you a “report”
4: You never throw away mail no matter how old it is in case the “Admiral” wants to check it.
5: That time you suspected your girlfriend was cheating on you, you hired 50 scout ships to follow her through town.
6: At the board meeting the CEO asks you to get to work on the hostile take over of another major corporation and you inform him that your plan is to send 4 separate guys 5 seconds apart to win them over to your side.
7: The name on the front of your house is “Earth” and you mark your postal code as: Sol3rd
8: At the last family gathering you counted your family members and informed them that as there were already 98 in total you would soon have to start kicking some out of the fleet to get better ones.
9: You can’t understand why you can’t find dark matter on the map
10: You’re still reading this instead of looking for free porn on the internet while your ques are caping enemy systems.
11: You have just been served divorce papers and you told the mail carrier to send the letter to your diplomat.
12: You broke up with your girlfriend and you send her a threatening message that dreadnoughts are on the way.
13: Your kids ask you to go outside to play catch and you call for a sitter.
14: Your hosting a party and you tell your guests exactly what time they need to leave so they all get to their homes at the same time based on the speed they like to travel.
15: You meet a new guy at work that seems pretty cool but you ask to see his email so you check on his rank.
16: Your neighbor pisses you off so you start building dread so you can attacking him.

Damn I'm addict XD
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PostSubject: Re: Are you addicted to DarkSpace ?   Sun Dec 20, 2009 4:02 am

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Are you addicted to DarkSpace ?
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